Hey everyone. First off I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Here are some of the things to look forward to in today's update:


Along with this massive sale we have released tons of awesome new things up for grabs right now!





2019 TAGS

Survival BETA Live!

Survival has been released and will run in BETA for the next 2 weeks.










+ lots more!

*Please expect bugs/errors when playing and be sure to report them in the proper areas!

Our goal for the future is to watch the community grow drastically and continue to provide consistent updates that everyone enjoys. Following the upcoming release of Assassins, we will begin development of Prison/Creative and go from there. Hopefully you all enjoy the amount of time and effort that was put into revamping Survival. As always, suggestions are welcome!

Thank you all for sticking with us, we aren't going anywhere.. This is just the beginning <3

December Update

iAngry posted Dec 18, 18

Lichcraftia December Update
I'm excited to announce that not only is there now a new holiday hub for the holiday season, but we have a final time and date for the launch of Survival! Friday at 4pm EST Survival will be open in beta! I apologize for having everyone wait for so long, and for making it seem like it was coming earlier. Beta simply means features may be added or removed, but it will not stay in beta for very long. I am also excited to tell you guys... the /i plugin will finally be implemented, it works!!

Global Changes:

  • God and Goddess Rank
  • Christmas/Holiday Hub
  • Points System
  • New 2019 Tags

Creative will also be opening in the next week!

Discord Server
If you haven't already joined the discord server, feel free to join!


November Update

iAngry posted Nov 14, 18

Lichcraftia November Update

We are planning to release our biggest network update yet! Here are some of the changes that will be happening:

  • New Prison Server
  • New Survival Server, with item spawning
  • New Assassins Server
  • New Points System
    The Points System will be a network-wide feature that you'll be able to use for buying tags, Supporter and many more perks. How do I get them? You will be able to get points from simply playing the server, voting and participating in certain activities.
  • Hub Revamp
  • SkyBlock Revamp
    The SkyBlock Revamp will include plugin changes for the SkyBlock server.
  • New Tags
  • New Ranks

    The update will most likely launch before Christmas, an official date will be provided at a later time.

Top Voters
Prizes for top voters will be making a return next month with new prizes!

Staff Promotions
Moderator ArctixOwl
Moderator xBunnny
Moderator Senpai97

Extra Information
These monthly updates will now be done on the first day of every month.
We want to be committed to the server once again and make you have the best experience possible!

Discord Server
If you haven't already joined the discord server, feel free to join!


Skyblock Beta!

Intraweb posted Oct 9, 18

Hey my name is iIntraweb and I'll be informing you guys about the current updates on the network.

Skyblock Beta is Released!

Skyblock Beta was released on 10/6/18. This is a beta version, please expect some bugs and issues in game. The full version is set to be released on 10/20/18 with an extended 1-2 weeks If needed. The beta version is accessible by all users.

Bugs/Issues and Suggestions

Beta is essential to discovering bugs and issues to be fixed for the full release. You can create threads regarding these issues here or create support tickets on the Lichcraftia Discord. Please do not spam issues via discord dm or in-game, as there are places that help us take note of these situations more efficiently.

Survival 2 and other servers

Survival 2 is currently in development along with other updates coming in the future! As always we will update you when the time is right.

There are currently many things in store for the server, I hope everyone is able to stick around for what is to come!



Lichcraftia Admin

October Update

iAngry posted Oct 3, 18

Lichcraftia October Update
 Once again servers were delayed and nothing big happened. This will all finally change this month. 
EDIT: SkyBlock has been opened for beta! Version: 1.12.2+
Prepare your calendars! Skyblock will be released in BETA on Saturday, October 6th at 12 PM EST. Please keep in mind that this is a beta or test version. Expect possible bugs, glitches. exploits, etc.. More info soon to come!

SkyBlock isn't the only thing coming!
Survival 2 is also coming, this will be a second Survival server that will rely on player shops and the market. Survival 2 will be 1.13.1 based and will include all the news blocks and features. More information will be posted here soon.
Top Voters
#1 _Luka & sadatc both with 109 votes ($80)
#3 CaarlMC with 99 votes ($60)
#4 Sadneo with 93 votes ($40)
Staff Promotions
These will be posted here soon.
Halloween Build Competition
We will be holding a Halloween build competition once Survival 2 comes out. It will end on October 31.
Prizes are:
#1 $80 Coupon
#2 $60 Coupon
#3 $40 Coupon
#4 $20 Coupon

fasthands If I rob a bank, then would the funds help you to finish the prison for me to be detained in?
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