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[ChatMod] VichoSolar_199

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[Chatmod] VichoSolar_199

Minecraft username: VichoSolar_199

Age (with proof if possible): 18 I will prove by discord if accepted.

Why you would like to become a Chatmod:

At first I felt overwhelmed with Minecraft. The wide variety of biomes, mobs and crafts surprised me. But then I got bored, until I discovered the multiplayer mode. This was like a rebirth of the game to me. With this I discovered what made me love this game, the people. I love the sense of a community, were everyone can help each other but, as we all know, this is not always the case because there are fights and other things.

With this I have lots of experience. Having a friend that likes to cause troubles and a mom that argues very often (she says that she comes from an Italian family that's why), I can assure you that people don't think (and speak) rationally when their heads are heated. This is why I always try to calm people In an argument, and then look for a solution. The same thing happens on a server (where my friend plays), I try to calm him down and then try to find the steps he has to take to mend the problem.

I understand almost all rules on Factions, as I play most the time there (and I see my friend get banned lots of times), also i'm willing to learn about other servers rules as this isn't boring for me and I learn fast (as teachers at my school say). Now that I brought the topic again, I'm one of the best students in my School. I've earned several diplomas because of my academic excellence and for representing the School's spirit. This last one not only means that I follow the rules, it also means that I enforce them to my classmates. This explains a bit of my justice's principles: mix a bit of the rules with a bit of empathy and... Well done! You have created VichoSolar`s way to enforce the rules and punish people that don't follow them.

As I mentioned before, I made the voice of my classmates to be heard. They were too scared to confront the leaders that were in charge of the decision (by the way, this decision was to decide what kind of sweatshirt we would buy for our class trip). Most of the people in my class didn't like the design, so I gathered the most information I could and presented a new alternative that everyone loved.

Another quality of myself, and I think is very important to bring this to the staff team, is that I can speak two languages. I live in South America, so I speak fluent Spanish and English, because I study at a bilingual school and you have understood everything I have written (or at least I hope so). I think this is very important because it's not only that sometimes there isn't always a Chatmod to take actions, and also that there are countless players that seem lost that receive little to no help because of their lack of English management (spoken and written).

Examples of you helping others (screenshots/video's/forum links):

I have helped AdamRichards14 with his report to ilskr. He is actually banned.
I have caught ilskr flying and told to staff members to get him caught.
Because of the low amount of players, I couldnĀ“t report players, even though in Lichcraft whenever I saw something bad, I inmediately reported it. Here you may see some of my reports:

Have you ever been banned from Lichcraftia? If so, why?

Nope, never been banned.

Do you have any past experience?

I was an admin in other server, so it would be nice be staff in here to start a new way!
This will help me grow as a person, and bring help to the server.

Do you have any programming experience (coding,configuring,etc):
I barely know about programming but I think i might help more in-game, forums and Discord.

Any other information you'd like to include here:

ATTENTION: I just logged forums, because I had a problem with my connection to the website, nevertheless I know the community since a lot of time (years) and most of the people knows me, as I use to play Factions.

Even though I'm 18, I am really mature when it comes to reason and find solutions.
My written English is much better than my spoken one so I ask comprehension.

Current staff referrals:

Complexxity said Im cool.
Regards, Vicho
Posted Dec 3, 18 · OP · Last edited Sun at 21:37
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Arctix o
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Exciting layout and info of an application. An idea is to maybe let the titles stand out more by using bold/underline. Other than that the application looks great! Good luck c:
Posted Dec 5, 18
Thanks!! :lol:
Regards, Vicho
Posted Dec 6, 18 · OP
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Vicho, I'd proof read your Chatmod application again and edit some of the mistakes there. I'll point a few out for you. Third paragraph you say "as teaches at my school say" you also say "Now that I brought the topic again, I'm one of the best students on my School." In that same paragraph right after about the diplomas you say "I've had earned." I'd read over your app again just to make sure it's correct. Other then that it looks pretty good. May I also point out that it is better not to start a new sentence with "but" a lot. I guess now you just have to wait for iAngry or MrDiamondMiner's response.

Good Luck Vicho,

Intraweb, Lichcraftia Administrator
Posted Sun at 05:54 pm
sugarcane24_7 Moderator
I like your application, lots of detail, but there are quite a few grammatical mistakes, just as Intraweb pointed out. you also used a staff referral from someone who is no longer staff, plus the image seems to be of something said 6 months ago. Otherwise, you seem to handle situations quite well and would make a great chatmod. Best of luck.
Posted Sun at 06:02 pm · Last edited Sun at 18:02
Thank you very much for your support!
Since Complexxity is no longer staff, if you want you can be my staff referal.
Would you be so kind to help me please to color and underline my Chatmod Application?
Regards, Vicho
Posted Sun at 09:44 pm · OP
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