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Ifriedmonkey - Ban Appeal

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Your Minecraft Username (at the time of your ban):
Ban Website Link: (

Why you feel you should be unbanned:
I feel I should be unbanned as It didn't exactly abuse... yes I tried to setup a staff member, which has been resolved (I spoke to the staff member through a discord call and I think we are okay now and they understand why I did It). However I was given items from somebody who had access to GMC (Creative) and was also getting paid high amount of cash which yes I did buy claim blocks with as I wanted to claim the rest of my house I was building. As for that I didn't exactly report it too staff instead I paid an AFK player by accident 5 million and placed a few pig spawners. I wanted to cover this up as I felt the staff wouldn't hear me out. And you all know what happened from there. I would just like too say I know what I did was wrong and I can happily explain to staff in more detail to of the reason of why I did it. I just hope you either you can agree to unban me or at least reduce my ban so it's not a lifetime ban as I've been a known and active member too the community for a long time now. This Is the first offence I have done which Is recorded on the bans page. Even If I cannot be unbanned from the actual server can I at least be unbanned from the discord? As I didn't violate any on the server discord rules and It would be nice If I could use it as a Social area where I can chat to my friends & the community.
Screenshots/video's involving your appeal:

I didn't take any Screenshots or videos involving the situation.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may of caused.
Yours Sincerely, Ifriedmonkey.
Posted Jan 6, 19 · OP
Banned users
Accepted. Bans reset
Posted Jan 6, 19
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