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Minecraft username: Formidite (8letters Soon)

Age (with proof if possible): 16 (Will provide proof to staff if necessary)

Background: Hello, to whoever is reading this. My IRL name is Winki, as some of you may remember from my previous time here. I'm a hongkonger, half-blood (if you'd call it that), and my hobbies include reading, drawing, and sports such as badminton, volleyball and soccer. My life motto has not changed, which is "Never Give Up", as I'd remember from my past, many challenging situation have faced me, like having to decide between helping 2 friends, having to leave something valuable behind to take a risk at a better future, and even my whole life turning upside down. But, through it all, I've learned to battle these circumstances rather than giving in to them, and that has led me to some really fruitful outcomes. I fancy myself a "Unicorn" that spreads as much positivity as possible and expels negativity.

I first started playing Lichcraft (The old server) in 2014, games and drama aside, the most valued accomplishment of mine is my guild Celestial. I will forever adore every single one of it's members, and every special moment I've had with them. When Lichcraftia came along, I knew that this was the result of the old community being stable and strong, rebuilding and reforming itself into something great, upon Lichcraftia, I was able to build more valuable memories with these members, even though we didn't have an actual guild. I still aspire to create more memories with players on LCia.

Why you would like to become a Chatmod: I'd like to become Chatmod for a number of reasons.

Aside from the obvious and blatant reasons of helping the community, making it a better place for players to enjoy their playing time, I have a few reasons that apply on more of a personal level to my own life. First and foremost, I have loved this server since it was recreated by the current owner, iAngry and ever since it began, I've been wanting to apply for the staff team to help out. Becoming staff has and will always be a target of mine and a passion of mine, you get to learn a lot about people and things, how to deal with many situations, and it also makes you meet new friends in addition to the ones you already have, which is always nice. I then did get accepted back then, worked my way up to Administrator, and then had to leave when school started for me. Now that I've worked on balancing work and play, I'll be able to devote a good amount of time to Lichcraftia.

Secondly, as mentioned previously, the community of Lichcraftia has allowed me to meet many new interesting types of people, and therefore allowed me to grow as an individual, and upon that, I'd like to give back. No matter if it's from something as simple as showing me how a command works to something like handing me a lot of in-game money when I was in need. The members were extremely helpful and caring, which is why I deeply appreciate them and want to help them make the server their haven.

Lastly, this isn't technically a reason, but I'd like to continue what I temporarily put down back then. I left when school started for me after summer holidays because I felt as if I couldn't balance work and play anymore, needed to develop that skill more to work on the staff team. Now, I have worked that out and I have a schedule to when I can come online and when I work. Plus, my timezone is usually when staff members are resting, which is technically an advantage.

Those are the three reasons I'd like to re-enter the staff team.

Examples of you helping others (screenshots/video's/forum links): and

Have you ever been banned from Lichcraftia?: If so, why?: Not for anything serious, I did get banned a couple times by Dante for fun, but that's about it.

Do you have any past experience?: Yes, Owner of my 2 servers ModernCraft and Celestial Network, and Admin here on Lichcraftia

Do you have any programming experience? (coding, configuring, etc..): I have set up multiple servers for me and for friends, so yes, but not very advanced.

Any other information you'd like to include here: I'd like to give thanks to the dedicated owners Lucas and iAngry for resurrecting this server even after the whole Silgica drama, you guys are real troopers.

Current staff referrals:

[Owner] iAngry

[Admin] Complexxity

Thank you.
Posted Feb 11, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 11, 19
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Accepted, sorry for the long wait.
Posted Mar 4, 19
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