September Update

By iAngry a - Posted Sep 11, 18

Lichcraftia September Update

Nothing big happened last month but all of that will change this month!
SkyBlock will be added with all the features you love and remember
(Features will be listed here in the next week)
Survival will be receiving /item (/i) in the next few days, finally.. I know :)

Changelog Up Until Today
* Vote Party
* FeatherBoard/Scoreboard
* WorldEdit Purchasable
* /item (/i) for KingPrincess and Emps
* New /Shop
and lots more!

Staff NPCs are now Server Selector NPCs

Top Voters
$80  _Ravenous_ (69 votes)

$60 Vortexinator (66 votes)

$40 CaarlMC (64 votes)

$20 ilskr (62 votes)

Staff Promotions
[ChatMod] Sadneo
[ChatMod] LinkTheCarrot
[ChatMod] ifriedmonkey
[Moderator] Intraweb
[Admin] michaelwojcik2


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