October Update

By iAngry a - Posted Oct 3, 18

Lichcraftia October Update
 Once again servers were delayed and nothing big happened. This will all finally change this month. 
EDIT: SkyBlock has been opened for beta! Version: 1.12.2+
Prepare your calendars! Skyblock will be released in BETA on Saturday, October 6th at 12 PM EST. Please keep in mind that this is a beta or test version. Expect possible bugs, glitches. exploits, etc.. More info soon to come!

SkyBlock isn't the only thing coming!
Survival 2 is also coming, this will be a second Survival server that will rely on player shops and the market. Survival 2 will be 1.13.1 based and will include all the news blocks and features. More information will be posted here soon.
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#1 _Luka & sadatc both with 109 votes ($80)
#3 CaarlMC with 99 votes ($60)
#4 Sadneo with 93 votes ($40)
Staff Promotions
These will be posted here soon.
Halloween Build Competition
We will be holding a Halloween build competition once Survival 2 comes out. It will end on October 31.
Prizes are:
#1 $80 Coupon
#2 $60 Coupon
#3 $40 Coupon
#4 $20 Coupon

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