Skyblock Beta!

By Intraweb - Posted Oct 9, 18

Hey my name is iIntraweb and I'll be informing you guys about the current updates on the network.

Skyblock Beta is Released!

Skyblock Beta was released on 10/6/18. This is a beta version, please expect some bugs and issues in game. The full version is set to be released on 10/20/18 with an extended 1-2 weeks If needed. The beta version is accessible by all users.

Bugs/Issues and Suggestions

Beta is essential to discovering bugs and issues to be fixed for the full release. You can create threads regarding these issues here or create support tickets on the Lichcraftia Discord. Please do not spam issues via discord dm or in-game, as there are places that help us take note of these situations more efficiently.

Survival 2 and other servers

Survival 2 is currently in development along with other updates coming in the future! As always we will update you when the time is right.

There are currently many things in store for the server, I hope everyone is able to stick around for what is to come!



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