November Update

By iAngry a - Posted Nov 14, 18

Lichcraftia November Update

We are planning to release our biggest network update yet! Here are some of the changes that will be happening:

  • New Prison Server
  • New Survival Server, with item spawning
  • New Assassins Server
  • New Points System
    The Points System will be a network-wide feature that you'll be able to use for buying tags, Supporter and many more perks. How do I get them? You will be able to get points from simply playing the server, voting and participating in certain activities.
  • Hub Revamp
  • SkyBlock Revamp
    The SkyBlock Revamp will include plugin changes for the SkyBlock server.
  • New Tags
  • New Ranks

    The update will most likely launch before Christmas, an official date will be provided at a later time.

Top Voters
Prizes for top voters will be making a return next month with new prizes!

Staff Promotions
Moderator ArctixOwl
Moderator xBunnny
Moderator Senpai97

Extra Information
These monthly updates will now be done on the first day of every month.
We want to be committed to the server once again and make you have the best experience possible!

Discord Server
If you haven't already joined the discord server, feel free to join!


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