December Update

By iAngry - Posted Dec 18, 18

Lichcraftia December Update
I'm excited to announce that not only is there now a new holiday hub for the holiday season, but we have a final time and date for the launch of Survival! Friday at 4pm EST Survival will be open in beta! I apologize for having everyone wait for so long, and for making it seem like it was coming earlier. Beta simply means features may be added or removed, but it will not stay in beta for very long. I am also excited to tell you guys... the /i plugin will finally be implemented, it works!!

Global Changes:

  • God and Goddess Rank
  • Christmas/Holiday Hub
  • Points System
  • New 2019 Tags

Creative will also be opening in the next week!

Discord Server
If you haven't already joined the discord server, feel free to join!


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