September Update

iAngry a posted Sep 11, 18

Lichcraftia September Update

Nothing big happened last month but all of that will change this month!
SkyBlock will be added with all the features you love and remember
(Features will be listed here in the next week)
Survival will be receiving /item (/i) in the next few days, finally.. I know :)

Changelog Up Until Today
* Vote Party
* FeatherBoard/Scoreboard
* WorldEdit Purchasable
* /item (/i) for KingPrincess and Emps
* New /Shop
and lots more!

Staff NPCs are now Server Selector NPCs

Top Voters
$80  _Ravenous_ (69 votes)

$60 Vortexinator (66 votes)

$40 CaarlMC (64 votes)

$20 ilskr (62 votes)

Staff Promotions
[ChatMod] Sadneo
[ChatMod] LinkTheCarrot
[ChatMod] ifriedmonkey
[Moderator] Intraweb
[Admin] michaelwojcik2


Quick Update

iAngry a posted Aug 18, 18

Lichcraftia Update

Just a quick update here!

  • Survival has been reset
  • Creative has been re-opened
  • Prison maintenance complete
  • Supporter rank added


MrDiamondMiner21 a posted Aug 5, 18

Hey guys and gals! I would like to update everyone on the current state of Lichcraftia and upcoming updates coming to the network!

Whats going on as of 8/4/18

As some of you know, all the server files were stolen and all passwords were changed by an ex staff member. This means everything that was needs to be restarted from scratch. We will be adding our servers back and everything will be fully reset. This will clear all factions, money, homes, bases, worlds, etc... Ranks, particles, and other permanent items will all be returned.

The Hub

Now when you login to you will spawn into the hub instead of prison. As of right now you can only access prison. More servers are on the way and will be here before you know it!

Future updates

As noted above all servers will be restored in a matter of time. There is no set order on which servers will be first but as always we will update you. Skyblock, Creative, Survival, and Factions are all coming back starting within the next couple weeks!


Voting has been fixed and is ready to use. Voting for the server gives you $1000 and a chance to win a prize at the end of the month! Please use /vote in game to vote or the links below.

Vote link #1

Vote link #2

Vote link #3

Vote link #4


1st place: $80 store coupon

2nd place: $60 store coupon

3rd place: $40 store coupon

4th place: $20 store coupon

We will update you on any major news in the future, and as always if you need assistance with anything please feel free to contact me or any other staff member in-game, on the forums, or the official Lichcraftia Discord server (invite link below)




MrDiamondMiner21, Lichcraftia Administrator.

Hello everyone! 

Despite it being not such a long time after our previous server update, some major things need to be made clear to the players and that's what going to happen today.

1 - Creative/Factions We are aware that those two servers are down and unaccessible to players. Something went wrong with the database and therefore made the servers break. But, the team is definitely working their hardest to get these two servers back up ASAP, and want players to be able to play them soon. Fingers crossed!

2 - CTF CTF is not exactly down. The server is up and running and you could in fact play games of CTF, but the ranks are glitched and everyone will be retracted to a rank-less state. Similar to Creative/Factions, we are aware of this issue and are working on it. Please bare with us.

3 - Receive Your Rank The rank application part of this forum is officially back up to business, due to the staff members in charge regaining access to the BuyCraft module and therefore being able to add/edit ranks of players returning from the old Lichcraft. So, if you were waiting for that, please apply now. We will add your rank soon.

4 - Prison Server Lichcraftia Prison is officially open! The server's map and overall process is very similar to how the old Lichcraft worked as we wanted to create a familiar experience for our demographic. Let us know if anything needs to be fixed or any suggestions are welcome here and here respectively. We hope you enjoy this new server and can't wait to add more features to Lichcraftia!

5 - Hub Servers Hub is currently also not accessible, so please do not be confused when you attempt to join Lichcraftia and it sends you right to a targetted server that is not hub. Of course, we hope to get this fixed soon. Although hub might not seem as important as the other bigger servers, we believe every part of Lichcraftia contributes to a greater experience!

6 - Staff Applications As mentioned on parts of the forums, Lichcraftia is always actively looking for applicants to apply for the ChatMod position to help moderate chat, making Lichcraftia a better place for everyone! If you sincerely are interested, please apply here. But keep in mind that there are a limited amount of slots per month, and your application might not be considered if it is not in the selected time slots.

7 - New Rank There is a new rank coming! This rank is said to be above Emperor/Empress and has perks that they don't! Details about this new rank will be posted by a staff member on the discord and might be reiterated here too when the time comes. Please be patient as we work things out one by one!


Recent Staff Promotions:

[Admin] Yonders

[Moderator] Normy

[Moderator] xPrincessChloex

Recent Staff Acceptances:

[Chatmod] ArctixOwl <3

[Chatmod] Intraweb (Pending)

I hope you all enjoy the new server coming to Lichcraftia, and know about all of these updates. Thank you for choosing to play on Lichcraftia and I hope to see you all again around the server!


~yonders (Winki)

Lichcraftia - July

iAngry a posted Jul 6, 18

Mid-July Update, Lichcraftia


Maintenance Update
Lichcraftia is now online!

Survival's full update was cancelled. But, don't be angry (like me)

Survival Updates:

*New /Home GUI
*New /Warp GUI
*A Small New Spawn

*Quests Feature Added

*Newly Updated Shop

*/item Coming Soon!

Don't worry, the full version of the spawn will come at a future date!



You can participate in quests as another way of making money. Located at Spawn or /Warp Quests


New Shop

Accessible by /Shop



/i will finally be implemented very soon!


We hope you enjoy the new updates coming to Survival!


A new rank is coming. Please suggest names for it.

Recent Staff Acceptances:

[ChatMod] xPrincessChloex
[ChatMod] Normy

Recent Staff Promotions:

[Moderator] Yonders


That is all for Mid-July, but expect more updates to come to the forums!

- iAngry x Yonders




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